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Bright Side Media brings together the best professionals to work on the projects in the disciplines of website design and development, branding, graphic design, commercial photography.


Zyta Kuzan oversees delivery of Bright Side Media projects. Her degree in Architecture and formal training in New Media Design ensures technical proficiency and artistic quality in the areas of web design, branding, information architecture, design for print.

“My creative vision is always grounded in practical realities. Since founding Bright Side Media in 2000, I’ve consciously built a diverse and wide-ranging portfolio.

Every project I undertake is guided by a set of beliefs:

First, I believe that design is about solving real-world problems.

Second, each project must be part of a larger strategy; I am committed to building long-term relationships, with many going back decades.

Third, I believe in thoughtful design that solves complex challenges while respecting budgets and deadlines.”